Managing information

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Big data and managing information

Welcome to this brief guide. It is intended to provide a few challenging thoughts, and practical advice, to avoid being overwhelmed by the avalanche of data and information hitting your desk and screen. It is intended to help you determine the information you really need.

We have never had access to so much data or been subjected to so much information and yet I have not come across any clear, concise guides as to how to handle it. Hence this guide, based on my experience in business.

The guide is intended for:

Users of information.

Providers of information.

Designers of those systems which produce information from data.  (These are the people who have to ask users, ‘What information do you want from this system?’

As a result of using this guide you will:

Understand the relationship between managing risks, data and information.

Be able to make better decisions with less information.

Get better information from data, because the people who provide you with it will be more interested in their work.

Find communication in your organisation will improve.

If you are short of time, try the Summary

If you want to print out the book version of the site just click on the download book button, otherwise click on the Problems button to start the guide.

I hope you find the guide useful.

David Griffiths